venerdì 30 aprile 2010

“One Finger Discount”

… every week one item from my Etsy shop on sale just for my blog readers!

Next week will be the turn of “Sand Trap”… a sophisticated yet sexy top, designed to enhance the female silhouette and to add a truly stylish touch to your garments… the back is organically crocheted in a simple net, while the front has four different granny squares asymetrically inserted into the crochet lace... the hem is finished off with long fringes.

♥ Size: S
♥ Color: Sand/Beige
♥ Composition: 100% cotton


I will offer a 20% discount (shipping not included) for one week… starting Monday 3 May till Sunday 9 you will be able to purchase “Sand Trap” at my Etsy shop with a special price just sending me an Etsy convo with the code “One Finger Discount – Sand Trap”… I will reserve the item for you with the discounted price!

And here there are some suggestions if you would like to pair “Sand Trap” with something lovely!!!


a romantic vintage inspired cuff lace by twoknit


a soft necklace with feathers made by vadjutka


an adorable cotton headband by afra


a great porcelain ring by handebilten


a stylish upcycled bag by GetReadySetGO

Hope you will enjoy your shopping!!!

11 commenti:

Ann ha detto...

Beautiful Ixela!

Hilton ha detto...

Very nice bag.....

vadjutka ha detto...

very pretty combinations. I am sure my necklace would look lovely with your top! thanks a lot!

afra ha detto...

very lovely combinations..!! i love your blog..!! thank you so much.::)

krupa123 ha detto...

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