sabato 17 aprile 2010

"One Finger Discount"

Starting from the upcoming week I’m launching the “One Finger Discount”… every week one of the items in my Etsy shop will be on sale just for my blog readers!

I will begin the next week with the “Coral” crochet earrings… a round crochet lace that looks like a coral, white and red glass beads, turquoise chips and little silver metallic spheres... these are the ingredients for these unique pair of earrings made of red quality cotton and a little bit of fancy.

I will offer a 20% discount (shipping not included) for one week… starting Monday 19 April till Sunday 25 you will be able to purchase this item at my Etsy shop with a special price just sending me an Etsy convo with the code “One Finger Discount”… I will reserve the item for you with the discounted price!

And here there are some suggestions if you would like to pair them with something new!!!

a wonderful Goblin Hood Bustier by Malam

a lovely cuff made by LaTouchables

an adorable cotton teal scarf by ingermaaike

a great necklace by TheJoyofColor


a funny bag by StarBags

Hope you will enjoy your shopping!!!

7 commenti:

Dawn of LaTouchables ha detto...

Your new earrings are smashing! And I'm thrilled to be on the same page! Thank you so much!!!

ingermaaike ha detto...

What a wonderful selection of perfect matches! Thank you for adding my scarf to this feast for the eyes :-D

TheJoyofColor ha detto...

What a lovely idea!!! such a lvoly earring and the styling with other items is great.
Thank you so much i'm so proud you found my necklace matching this mini collection!

Marie ha detto...

these are lovely earrings! and a great idea for a post :) It's a honor to have my work presented with them, thank you very much!

Star of the East ha detto...

Your earrings match perfectly with the finds you found! Thanks so much for featuring our bagshop!

X by Leina Neima ha detto...

This color combo and new earrings are just killers ;=) Good luck with your “One Finger Discount”!

my little Aura ha detto...

I love your earrings, they are so fresh for this season, and great finds!!