giovedì 9 dicembre 2010

WOOD SLICE - embroidered rings


A chestnut branch slice, delicately sits atop a copper toned adjustable ring... the wood slice is simply embroidered with bright cotton threads (red, lime green, hot pink, yellow, lilac/violet, turquoise) and adorned with a little wood bead.
“Wood Slice” ring will be a perfect gift for anyone attuned with nature and the outdoors... or a pinch of forest for your finger!


3 commenti:

Shipra Kaul ha detto...

Jewellery are to be worn for looking more attractive.It gives more weightage to looks .Different jewellery based on outfits look good.Body jewellery

Lush Crystal ha detto...

Butterfly pendant looks awesome.I must appreciate for so creative idea of pendant which looks like butterfly.Anniversary gifts

nicola ha detto...

Bella creatività!congratulazioni.