sabato 27 marzo 2010

Introducing my new mannequin

Finally I found, in a flea market, a lovely vintage dress form… and immediately I felt in love with her… “she” has some little and charming spots due to the time, but is really so stylish and slender!

I had to inaugurate her with some new Peony I made to order in these last days!

5 commenti:

Viaggiatrice ha detto...

She's lovely. I have a new manniquin too, she needs a name. Your's looks like a Babette.

BlueTerracotta ha detto...

She's beautiful, and I love the way you've dressed her!

Lidia Luz ha detto...

She is a top mannequin!!!
I am enchanted whit your news creations, my dear friend!!!
I miss you. I do not forget you!!!
Kisses and love,

Arctida ha detto...

She is so pretty! Congrats on such a great purchase :) and your crocheted necklaces look perfect on her!

Silvia66 ha detto...

La prima collana è la mia favorita ma mi piacciono tutte!! Baci tesorino!