venerdì 13 novembre 2009

... and Guift Guide again!!!

What is happening???... a miracle!!!... this morning another great surprise... just discovered that also my Pink Heart - neckwarmer is featured in the "The Girlie Girl" Etsy Guif Guide.

Thank you Etsy!!!

And if you are looking for great and funky Christmas guifts, I suggest to you all to take a look at all the Etsy Guift Guides and to the Etsy world... there are stunning handmade creations that are still waiting for you!!!

4 commenti:

ayatasarim ha detto...

congrats Ale:) you deserved the success:) good luck in all your works dear

Louise ha detto...

ooh its lovely, well done!

sandyxxx ha detto...
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Meg ha detto...

its so sweet - beautiful!