domenica 13 settembre 2009

Two times... on FP!!!

It seems again I have almost abandoned my blog... it's true... I will try once again to be a little bit more regular with my posts... so...
after many weeks without luck, yesterday I was two times on the Etsy Front Page with two of my creations...

thanks to RockPaperSilver and to my sweet friends Mariana e Paula from Branda... take a look at their shops... you can find stunning creations there!!!

2 commenti:

Cat ha detto...

Awesome front pages! 2 in one must be doing the happy dance! Congrats. The blue treasury is particularly lovely :)

PS. I feel like I "almost" abandon and then re-adopt my blog all the time, too:)

PPS. Your work is truly romantic and pretty.

Mariana y Paula ha detto...

Ciao Ale!

Non sapevamo di essere state al front page!! Che bello!!! Siamo molto contente per te che lo meriti tanto!

Tantissime grazie del Etsy Mini!

Tanti baci♥♥

Mariana and Paula