sabato 14 marzo 2009


When we think of quality chocolate often we think of Swiss or Dutch versions... however Italy has a strong tradition in the production of chocolate and Turin (Torino), my lovely city, was the birthplace of Italian chocolate production.
The art of chocolate making is celebrated each year with CioccolaTO', a two week event held in the month of March (6-15/03/09) that is devoted entirely to chocolate: more than 50 exhibitors set up their stalls in the city centre, enabling you to discover, sample and purchase many different types of chocolate in many different forms. At the same time there are also meetings and Taste Workshops, courtesy of Slow Food, giving you the opportunity to learn more about the food of the gods. CioccolaTO’ is also a festival, with music and performances that celebrate the cultural aspects of chocolate plus an all night event known as Notte Fondente.
And if you are still unable to resist, purchase ChocoPass and try the chocolate specialities of Turin (Torino) and Piemonte... with ChocoPass you can taste the finest chocolate products in historical cafes, confectionery shops and chocolate factories: gianduiotti, pralines and various cakes... a real treat for your taste buds! The booklets of ChocoPass vouchers offer you either 22 delicious samples in 3 days for only € 12,00.












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Kreativlink ha detto...

Mhhh... who really can resist chocolate! :)
Beautiful items, am very happy to see mine here too, thanks!

Heli ha detto...

Oh, I wish to be there on march :)
Chocolate is the best!
thanks for featuring my little choco bear :)

ira ha detto...

oh gosh, everything look so yummy Ale, thank you so much for make my bag part of this tasty goodies:)

alibli ha detto...

I love chocolate... and I can't resist it!!
Grazie mille per aver scelto i miei orecchini!

karuski ha detto...

That's an interesting event, thanks for sharing! Awesome picks for chocolate theme, thanks a lot for featuring my pouch too. Grazie mille!


2smilinggirls ha detto...

Vogliamo un ChocoPass!!! che post delizioso!
Tantissime grazie cara Ale di aver pensato a noi e inserito il nostro quaderno.
Tanti bacioni!

Mariana e Paula

Beverly Ash Gilbert ha detto...

Surrounded by chocolate for 2 weeks? Sounds like heaven!

fleurfatale ha detto...

ooh Ixeal, what a great blogpost, thanks for the feature!

My hubby once was for a congress in Turino and brought yummie yummie Gianduja an other chocolates!! I would love to go there once, only for the chocolate!

Amanda Yu ha detto...

wow Ale, this is amazing!
I m glad to know of the Italian chocolate from your lovely city - Torino. I love Italian food, wine, coffee and people ^-^ they are passionate and hospitable.
I am overjoyed of seeing my shop is related. Graiz mila!

Chichiboulie ha detto...

what a delicious event! the best hot chocolate I've ever had was in Italy. So unlike any other!

Alessia ha detto...

Che post! E che scelte! Da tanto non venivo a dare un'occhiata al tuo blog anche se ti seguivo comunque su Etsy, le tue ultime crazioni sono meravigliose! Un abbracci,

ArtMind ha detto...

Hmm, I shouldn't have read this - now I want chocolate! :)