martedì 24 marzo 2009

Black Garden

This is my last creation... a cozy and soft shrug made by a 100% black wool yarn knitted with a stylish lacy pattern... all edges are finished off with violet crocheted borders. Black Garden can be fastened on the front with two cords which end with two little roses with a glass bead core.









9 commenti:

Anonimo ha detto...

Really cool! Beautiful items too. :)

creationsbyeve ha detto...

Gorgeous shrug Ale!!!and very beautiful items :)

twolefthands ha detto...

Your newest creation is gorgeous!
Thank you so much Ale for including my brooch with all these beautiful pieces! How lucky I am!

ingermaaike ha detto...

A very beautiful shrug!

kraplap ha detto...

great shrug ! and lovely picks !! Thanks !

Star of the East ha detto...

Wonderful shrug, Ale and beautiful finds!

Meltem ha detto...

This shrug is beautiful as your all creations! I'm so honored to being among this wonderful finds! Thank you!

Intres ha detto...

Thanks so much, i'm proud to be in your beautiful selection!

MGMart ha detto...

Such a lovely shrug Ale! I love the flowers on it, so sweet!
And I am so happy to be here with all this beautiful pieces :)