venerdì 20 febbraio 2009

A new look for my blog!

Once again I have almost abandoned my blog for weeks!... but in the last days I tried to get a new look for it... I hope it will raise me to post a little bit more frequently now!
I still have to make some other improvements... I'm not completely satisfied yet!!!

As so much time has passed since my last post, I have many new creations to show... even if lately I was so lazy even with my knitting an crochet projects!
Here are just my last three creations:

in Grey

in White


10 commenti:

Anna+Lila ha detto...

the blog is looking gorgeous! as are your knitted creations!

AgapeLiz ha detto...

The new look is gorgeous! Very pretty new designs! : ) Well done!

Lenox Knits ha detto...

Love the ruffles!

Triz Designs ha detto...

the blog is looking great, and i do hope it inspires you to post more often, cos i miss your posts ;-) and of course your creations are stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) xxx

Charlene ha detto...

Your work is absolutely beautiful and your blog looks great.

eneyna ha detto...

Very gorgeous your new blog! And also very nice your latest creations!

Lidia Luz ha detto...

Cia Ale,
I loved the new look!!!
I saw your beautiful "ruffles" in Etsy first page!!! Congrats, dear!!! Your work is great and I am your fan, always!
I loved your message and Ilove you!
Kisses and happyness!

Beverly Ash Gilbert ha detto...

Beautiful, fun, inspirational work!

twolefthands ha detto...

Your pictures are gorgeous, your blog looks fantastic! I have been having a hard time keeping up with my blog too!

lizet frijters ha detto...

Your blog looks fantastic, what a gorgeous pieces.