lunedì 15 dicembre 2008

Too much time have passed!!!

Too much time have passed since my last post... about two month by now!!!
Lately I had so much things to do (at work and at home), but I have to admit that I had a terrible laziness with my blog... and I really can't explain why!
The more the time passed the more it was harder for me to post again... but today I forced myself to break this long silence!... and I have to write about three lovely creative girls!


Today I received my Secret Santa gift (Secret Santa is our European Street Team tradition for Christmas... we all receive a gift from a secret person from the group... this year our sweet ArtMind works as a Santa organizer and she has mixed the pairs, so thanks Mitsy!)!
And I opened it right away!!!... so I discovered my Secret Santa... Amanda Yu from Sweden and two adorable gift handmade for me!!!

Thank you so much Amanda!!!

Here you can find just a little sample from her two Etsy shops:




My sweet friend from Israel who made me so much happy with her adorable gift for my birthday (it was on October and I received it many weeks ago by now... but it deserve to be admired!!!)... a stunning beaded bracelet!
You also have to take a look at her latest wonderful creations at her Etsy shop! She made some magics with beads!!!

Thank you so much Triz!!!


My lovely friend from Providence (USA), who was so kind to feature my creative work at her beautiful blog some weeks ago.

Thank you so much Amy!!!

Here you can find just a little sample from her two Etsy shops:

Lilleypics (photo and cards)

Lilleypad (jewelry)


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